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Our researchers have combined stem cell therapy,  Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Subconscious brain programming, psychology, Nutrition, Allopathy etc and developed Metabolic Medical Science. This newly developed technology has the potential to end the era of incurability of diseases. To know more about our research click here on link.

Our Laboratory for  Advanced Diagnosis.

Metabolic treatment involves stem cell research. This laboratory is central to our research based treatment.

Arthritis Treatment Scientific analysis

There are two types of arthritis-Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Both of them are incurable disease in current allopathic system of medicine. Rheumatoid disease is an autoimmune phenomenon which means your own immune system is causing damage to your joints. While osteoarthritis is considered as problem of ageing. Whatever the cause given to you, you are always told that your condition will never improve and you have to control pain only. Means you have to live a miserable life wherever you go or whatever money you spend. Your condition slowly deteriorate despite visiting to the best pssible rheumatologists and finally you end up by major deformity or disability. By the side effects of drugs also you suffer from side effects like kidney failure, impotency, infertility, bone marrow depression etc.

Arthritis is actually a disease of malnutrition. The most recent researches on rheumatology proves beyond doubt that joint diseases are due to deficiency of various nutrients and variety of toxins present in our food. According to metabolic theory of disease described by scientists all over in the world autoimmunity is also due to malnutrition. Due to lack of nutrition various parts of body including joints are not properly formed and your body tries to repair that part by first doing immunological destruction of that body part. Some of the scientists have also proved that malnutrition causes immunological deficiency which causes defect in antigen identification and self destruction. Thus we see that current arthritis treatment is totally wrong since that is based on wrong theory.

Benefits of metabolic arthritis treatment.

  1. Complete relief from pain and deformity
  2. Medicines used don’t cause any harmful effect.
  3. No need of taking lifelong medications.

See the video below, See how metabolic arthritis treatment is better than any other treatment.

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